The Coast

Magnificent sunsets on the Solway Coast

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Going fishing with Haaf Nets 
Bowness on Solway
Maryport Aqaurium and harbour below
Salt Pans at Crosscanobie  
St Bees Head and Cormarants Seascale

Exploring the Solway and West Cumbria coast offers a dramatic changes of scenery and plenty to see and visit. Pictured left are fishermen walking towards the sea at Bowness on Solway carrying 'Haaf Nets' supposedly Norse in origin, perfect for catching salmon and sea trout. Bowness on Solway is the beginning of Hadrian's Wall though there are no visable ruins.

Further along towards Carlisle at Burgh by Sands you can walk accross the salt marshes and visit the monument to Edward the 1st (Longshanks) who became mortally wounded there. Also see the fortified churches at Burgh by Sands and Newton Arlosh, Pele towers where used as a defence against Border Rievers in Medieval times.

Stretches of great beaches line the coast South of Silloth to Allonby, which also has ancient salt pans where salt was extracted from the sea, there where many of such pans in this area historically. At Crosscanonby there is also the remains of a Roman milepost fortlet, such fortlets stretched from the end of the Wall to Maryport. Senhouse Roman Museum is worth a visit at Maryport along with the harbour, aquarium and Maritime museum.

Whitehaven harbour is also worth visiting along with the Beacon.

Further south is St Bees which has a wonderful cliff walk, watch the Cormerants and Guillimots, then explore the cave in the cove and see if you can find the oldest autograph amongst the ancient graffiti.

Not to be missed is the natural harbour of Ravenglass, the Roman port of 'Glannoventa', walk behind the terraced houses along the beach and see how the people who live there dry their washing.

Nearby is the Roman bath house, the oldest freestanding Roman remains in the North, and you can make out the remains of the fort in the field opposite. L'all Ratty leaves from Ravenglass and wends it's way to Boot in Eskdale, a trip on a tiny train that is fun for children from five to eighty.

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